Bagels for beer

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Bagels for beer and having fun in The Land of Sweets.
What do you think about drinking beer and eating bagels that go with it? Even if it’s hard to believe, Rontaila bunny loves cold and foamy beer, which is consumed at the parties in The Land of Sweets.

But Rontaila likes to have something to crunch when drinking his favourite beer. So, he had to find an solution. When he was taking his afternoon walk, he started hopping happily. He had found the solution!
The solution was so simple. Beer goes very well with salty and spicy food. So, our bunny decided to improve the recipe for the salty bagels, by season them more.
He finally succeeded. Now, before each party, Rontaila prepares his special bagels for beer.
These bagels are seasoned with a mix of poppy-seed and sesame, slighlty salty. In order to give them a special flavour, that goes well with beer, Rontaila uses a secret mix of spices, that makes them slightly spicy. But now, with this internet, the recipe is not a secret anymore.
But our happy bunny doesn’t care too much! All the party people love the bagels for beer, prepared by Rontaila. They even said that there isn’t a better beer ,nowhere than in The Land of Sweets .

Ingredients: wheat flour, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat of palm,sugar, poppy-seed 0,03%, iodized salt ,mix of condiments 0.08% (iodized salt, pepper, garlic, onion, acidity regulator: citric acid, sugar, lemon, turmeric, spices: coriander, fenugreek seed, cumin, fennel, chili oil, rapeseed oil, sesame seed) , yeast.

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