Bran bagels – Sugar and Salt FREE Pretzels

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Barn pretzels, a piece of health

Our bunny eats barn pretzels in the morning. Because he cares about his health.
He also likes to run, in the morning, through the grass which is dripping with dew. This happens only when he doesn’t have a big order for bagels or pretzels. If that happens, he quickly eats his barn pretzels, drinks a glass of milk and stays in his little kitchen.
Rontaila bunny takes care of those who want to take part at the Big Crunching,too, but suffer from diabetes,heart disease or simply they have chosen to eat healthy.
So, he prepared some bagels with black wheat flour, bran food and sweetened with glucose syrup. They don’t contain salt, sugar or food coloring.
Now, everyone can participate at the Big Crunching!
Ingredients: black wheat flour,10% bran, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat of palm, glucose syrup, yeast.
Weight package: 250 g bag, 400g bag

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