Mini Pretzels

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Mini pretzels- thin and crunchy pretzels
I must tell you a secret about mini pretzels. Rontaila sends pretzels to other lands too,not only to the Land of Sweets: The Land of Stories, the Land of Children even in the Land of Humans. He sometimes does export trade,thing that makes him so happy.
These little heart shaped and crunchy pretzels sell well on external trade. They are very tasty and Rontaila is very happy when he has to bake them.

Ingredients: wheat flour, palm oil, corn starch, dextrose, malt extract, malt barley, glucose syrup, yeast, iodized salt (max 3%), sugar, raising agent(sodium bicarbonate,ammonium bicarbonate, sodium phosphate dibasic) , malt wheat flour, emulsifier( soy lecithin),improver(L-cysteine), acidity (citric acid,sodium hydroxide), preservatives(sodium metabisulfite, potassium metabisulfite), flavors.

Weight package: 1 kg bag


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