Poppy-seeds bagels

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Rontaila is very careful with the recipe of poppy-seed bagels
Tonight, Rontaila has invited his bunny friends to a movie night, eating poppy-seed bagels. You could also say that is a poppy-seed bagels night matched with movies!
All the bunnies, from the Land of Sweets, love movie nights that the master bunny organises. You always eat delicious bagels, drink juice, talk about movies and laugh a lot. Real parties!
Rontaila has also a secret for these nights: He makes only one type of bagels, in order to feel the perfect scent of the fresh and crunchy bagels. For tonight, he has chosen poppy-seed bagels.
He started working together with his helping bunnies, in the morning. After preparing the dough and the bagels, Rontaila told them:
– Classic recipes are very serious,said the worried buny. Everybody has eaten poppy-seed bagels and it’s difficult to make them different, because you cannot count on new flavors. This is why, you need to pay attention to every detail! My bagels will be duper-delicios, you’ll see!
He takes one out of the oven and tastes it. You could see a naughty smile on his face:
– Perfect! I’ve used wheat flour, vegetal fat,sea salt and sugar. I covered them with poppy-seeds, right on time. They are big,shiny and crunchy. And they are exactly how I wanted them to be! It’s going to be an extraordinary night!
Do you want to taste them?

Ingredients: wheat flour, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat of palm, sugar, poppy-seeds 0,03%, iodized salt, yeast.

May contain traces of SESAME.
Weight package: 500 g bag, 600g box

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500g, 600g


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