Pretzels with milk and honey

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For a sweet tasty and nourishing breakfast, for all the bunnies
Rontaila is concerned about the school results of all the bunnies from The Land of Sweets. This is why, he prepares some delicios pretzels with milk and honey
And how to help the little bunnies, if not with a sweet and nourishing breakfast? Bunnies need to have energy at school. Because they are little, they love sweets. It was difficult for Rontaila to find the perfect recipe but it was worthy.
Rontaila has well prepared for this mission. He has brought his aids, in the morning and got down to work. They have prepared a charge of simple pretzels, which he mixed with different flavors. The story hasn’t finished here…

But still, Rontaila has a secret. SST! He mustn’t find out that we know it!
Well, our bunny chef acted as a real researcher. He brought many bunnies to do some tests.

First, he asked them to run as fast as they could, between two stumps, on the lawn in front of his house and measured their times.
Then, he blindfolded them and asked them to taste different types of pretzels, with different types of flavors. He asked them to rank the pretzels thay had tasted before.
He called them the second day, too. He gave each group, many pretzels of one kind , to eat. Then, he asked them to run the same distance thay had done the previous day, and measured again their times.
The bunnies had great fun running and eating pretzels.
When they looked over the results. Rontaila couldn’t believe that the pretzels which the bunnies liked the most, were the pretzels with milk and honey. The best results at the running competition, had the bunnies which had eaten pretzels with milk and honey. Extraordinary, isn’t it?
Because he uses whole milk powder and honey, the pretzels are tender and tasty. They also have a slightly vanilla flavour.
Of course, Rontaila is baking the pretzels himself, because they need to stay in the oven as much as they need. But our bunny baker knows how to make pretzels, doesn’t he?
You must taste the pretzels with milk and honey and tell us your school results. Rontaila loves pupils with big marks!

Ingredients: wheat flour, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat of palm, glucose syrup, honey 4%,whole milk powder 10%,iodized salt, raising agent- sodium bicarbonate, vanilla-butter flavor.

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