Pretzels with spinach

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Pretzels with spinach- an alien taste for strong bunnies

Why pretzels with spinach? You may wonder what the goal is. Well, it all started at the annual big match between the bunnies from The Land of Sweets and the ones from The land of Stories.
The best bunnies from The land od Sweets, were training for the match which was going to be played. There were only two months left and Rontaila was assisting the bunnies training, sitting on a bench. Next to him, The Strong Bunny, the bunnies’s coach, was making a weary face, letting his ears back.
– Our bunnies are a little flabby. I don’t know if they can handle the big match. They need good physical condition to defeat the bunnies from The Land of Stories.
– And what do you think they should do? asked Rontaila.
-I don’t know. I think they should eat healthier. They eat all kind of junk food.
– If it’s about food, count on me!
Rontaila went home, wondering what nourishing food should the little bunnies eat. So, he came up with the idea of preparing some pretzels…with spinach.
It is a well known fact that spinach is very healthy and that little bunnies don’t like spinach too much. So, Rontaila, the perfect chef as we all know him,decided to make some pretzels with spinach so good that any bunny would love them.
The second day, he went to see the training, with a bag full of pretzels with spinach. With the help of The Strong Bunny, they gave the bunnies some pretzels before the training.
You should have seen the bunnies and what energy they had, during their training. They were hopping, running and screaming as if they had been locked up in a cage, and as if that was the first time they had gone out.

Who would have thought that some greenish pretzels can be so tasty and nourishing? Rontaila bunny has brought some bunnies to help him in his little kitchen because he can hardly honour the orders. Everybody from the Land of Sweets is eating his greenish pretzels now. Have you tasted them?

Ingredients: wheat flour, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat of palm, flaxsseds 4%,30% dehydrated spinach,iodized salt, glucose syrup,dry oregano,granulated garlic, raising agent- sodium bicarbonate.
May contain sesame traces.

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