Salty pretzels

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Salty pretzels, salty pretzels
Come and taste them!
You are all invited
Women,children and men too.
If you like them so crunchy,
Don’t forget to cheer up
The famous salty pretzels!

This is what Rontaila was singing happily, while hopping around the Land of Sweets. You could see that he had prepared his famous round shiny pretzels, with bread crumb and with slightly salty taste.

There were bunnies of all colors, two red foxes, a stag, a deer, a cow, a horse, five little ducks and two badgers. By the way, have you ever seen two badgers dancing? A real show!.Five cats were coming together with three dogs, that were barking to keep up with them. They were making noise rather than singing, but that was the way they wanted to act.
Two big wolves joined the group of hopping bunnies. They were drooling at the thought that there were so many bunnies around them, but there was nothing they could do about it. The rules of The Land of Sweets are very strict: all the animals are friends.
A mother boar with her eight little piglets joined the happy group.The little piglets have never seen something like that. They were rolling over of joy and were running everywhere.
Some squirrels with fluffy tails were running towards the happy group. A brown bear came, carrying with him a big drum, keeping the rhythm.
An owl with big eyes and a stork were floating and some sparrows came too.

A real circus was there. Hearing such a big noise and seeing so much fun, made you join the party. The path was too little for all the animals.
They stopped on a path, where Rontaila asked them to be quiet and said:
– My dear ones, if you like so much to party, I will bring pretzels for everybody. Let the party begin!
– I will bring beer! said the bear.

And this is how the party started!
No one knows how long was this spontaneous party. But everyone agrees that it was a real party!

The end!

Ingredients: wheat flour, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat of palm, iodized salt 1,8%, sugar, yeast.
May contain sesame traces.

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