Plain Pretzels – Simple (no flavor) Bagels

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Simple and natural bagels
Simple and tasty bagels,
For greedy bunnies!
Simple and crunchy bagels,
For frowning bunnies!
To make their day better,
And a week of laughter!

This is what Rontaila was humming in his little kitchen. He was also making sure that the bagels didn’t bake too much.
He suddenly turned towards the bunnies which were patiently listening to them:
– Nothing is more difficult to prepare than the simple bagels. Without flavours,you get only the classic taste of the regular bagel. And you need to be very good at baking, to make them tasty.
Since Rontaila is a very good baker, he decided to bake these bagels on hearth for a “homelike” taste.
By the end of the day, Rontaila finished baking the bagels. The bagels turned out big, shiny and very crunchy.And since you can never eat just one, Rontaila packs them in bags of one kilo. So you can eat them with your friends, in the long winter nights,telling stories and nursing the fire.

Ingredients: wheat flour, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat of palm, iodized salt 1,5%,sugar, yeast

Weight package: 1 kg, 3kg bag

Informații suplimentare

Package weight

1kg, 3 kg


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