Who is Rontaila bunny?

Rontaila bunny  is the naughty bunny which has brought you the most crunchy and delicious bagels and pretzels, for over 15 years. Rontaila bunny is a friend in need at school, home watching tv or at work, every time you need a delicious and healthy snack.

When and where was Rontaila bunny born?

Rontaila bunny  is a Romanian brand born in Braila and registered at OSIM in 2001,a brand which has won his clients from the beginning with quality products, nutritionally ballanced, and made out of superior quality and 100% natural ingredients.

Since 2016 the Rontaila bunny’s family got bigger with other 2 brands of pretzels: ”The Pupil” (milk and honey pretzels) and ”The Alien”(spinach pretzels)

Where can you find Rontaila bunny products?

Rontaila bunny fresh products can be found both in the large modern retail networks (hyper and supermarket): Carrefour Hypermarket, Auchan, METRO, XXL, Carrefour Market, SUPECO and also in many of the shops within the traditional trade.

What does Rontaila bunny products contain?

Rontaila bunny products are fabricated with great care, from high quality ingredients, no preservatives, colourings or enhancers.

What products does Rontaila bunny family contain?

Rontaila bunny has used all his skills to prepare and offer you the most crunchy and tasty bagels and pretzels, in various types and packages:

  • Salty pretzels,vanilla pretzels, poppy-seeds pretzels or sesame pretzels, at 80 g packages, for a quick snack.
  • Braila bagels and bagels with poppy-seed, at 250 g package, for a nourishing snack at any time of the day.
  • Pretzels with bran, without salt and sugar, for a healthy alimentation, reccomended in the diet of people with diabetes or heart problems.
  • Olive pretzels with a special taste and mediteranean flavours, the pretzels contain black olive pulp, olive oil, sea salt, bran and glucose syrup and they can be served as starters.


Does Rontaila bunny have fasting products, too?

All ”Rontaila” bagels and pretzels are fasting products.

What about products with no sugar?

Yes, the pretzels with bran, without sugar and salt are the perfect choice, for those who want a healthy diet, rich in fiber and without added salt and sugar. Made out of black wheat flour and bran, these pretzels have a dark brown colour obtained naturally and contain the necessary doze of fibers, which quickly makes you not feeling hungry anymore, but also improves your digestion.