Salty pretzels, sesame or vanilla pretzels? We have wondered, in 1993, if we could start a business by producing bagels and pretzels. Using our previous experience in the bakery,we started this journey being confident, that we will succeed, only if we focus on the quality of our products.

Time has passed and we prooved that we can. Every day, we make efforts to improve not only the quality of our products, but also to constantly increase our range of products.

Our main capital is the human. We rely on a dedicated team with extensive experience.

Our efforts concentrate on three directions:

improving primary and secondary processing – by purchasing new and performant equipment, every time is required.

 storage capacities – currently, we have reached a storage capacity up to 15.000 kg per production cycle

 product distribution- we ensure a prompt delivery of our products to our distributors.

We carefully select our suppliers, because we know that our products depends on the quality of the raw material, we use. We use natural ingredients- patent flour, vegetable oil, olive oil, wheat bran, natural spinach and other raw materials.

With this brand, Rontaila bunny, we have produced the best products and we want everybody to know and apreciate them.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the quality certified according to the new directives of the European Union(ISO9001, ISO 2200 and HACCP), making us one of the most apreciate company in the bakery field, of Romania.

Beyond these beautiful words, one thing is certain: we are the first tasters of all our products. We are working intensively on all recipes, and we do not launch any product before we taste and like it.

This is a valuable promise that we keep every time!

Good luck at crunching!

Adam Tudor – Manager