Our mission is to delivery bagels and pretzels and other fresh and tasty bakery products, on the internal and external market. We are hoping that our brand, ”Rontaila bunny”, will become the symbol of quality and of natural ingredients.

Our vision is the one of a world where Timo Serv bakery products are recognized and appreciated  by everybody. Our products must be present in every simple but happy moment of a person’s life: a movie with friends, a healthy snack between meals, during the students’s school break, or just a simple crunching during your favourite team’s match.

Our values

Continuous development – we are constantly trying to consolidate Timo Serv’s position on the internal market, but also to expand it on the external market.

Quality – because our main goal is to ensure a high quality of our products and services, we are constantly improving our material resources and providing our employees a supportive climate for their personal and proffesional development.

Satisfied customers – the client comes first, that is why we offer soluttions adapted to its needs and desires. We seriously take into consideration our customers’ suggestions, which are an important factor in developing and improving Timo – Serv’s services.

Innovation – We are always developing new products and services, providing us the best possible positioning in the market.