Braila bagels

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Braila bagels, the classical taste of the master bunny
The Braila bagels have always been eaten, in Braila. Right here, in the homeland of wheat, the millers have always been doing good flour. They had the best wheat to work with.
Time has passed and something happened. One day, while he was looking for ingredients,in his cupboards,Rontaila bunny found an old recipe from Braila. The recipe was on the back of an old postcard with the Violattos Mill on it: traditional bagels,with a slightly flavour of pistachio, covered in poppy-seeds and salt,without preservatives or any other food additives in composition. The best flour must be used.
– They must be good as starters! said Rontaila and started to bake them, in his little kitchen from the Land of Sweets. I will name them…Braila bagels.

What was the result like? I will let you guess. Or taste!

Ingredients: wheat flour, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat of palm, sugar, poppy-seeds 0,02%, iodized salt, yeast, pistachio flavor.

May contain traces of SESAME.

Weight package: 250 g bag

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