Poppy-seed pretzels

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Poppy-seed pretzels, classic or modern?

There is a high demand for the poppy-seed pretzels in the Land of Sweets. It is believed that they are well known even in the Land of Stories and The Land of People.
How could you possibly improve a classic recipe? Rontaila knows that you cannot ruin the classic recipes, the taste must be exactly the same with the one you have tasted the poppy-seed pretzels, for the first time. He is concentrating in the natural ingredients and preserving the classic taste.
Rontaila remembers very well the first time he has eaten poppy-seed pretzels, when he was little. They were so delicios, that he had eaten all the pretzels. Who knows? Maybe he is now a good master in bagels, because of those pretzels. You wonder, how do bunnies find their life passion?
Today, Rontaila bunny is doing everything to ensure the high demand of pretzels, when there are parties. There is a big crowd of rabbits in his little kitchen. Some of them are preparing the dough,some are warming up the oven, other are making the pretzels using fresh dough and others are supervising the baking process.
Rontaila is hopping from one to another, giving orders and supervising everything. Only he is allowed to say when the dough is ready.Rontaila tastes the dough to see if it has the correct proportion of vegetal fat, sea salt and sugar. Before putting the pretzels in the oven, he checks if there are enough poppy-seeds on the pretzels.
After each bagel charge,all the rabbits gather around the table from his little kitchen, eat poppy-seed pretzels and old memories awoke in them,from the previous parties,laughing with joy. Not too much though,because they have to prepare another bagel charge.

Ingredients: wheat flour, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat of palm,poppy-seed 0,03%, iodized salt , yeast, pistachio flavour.
May contain traces of sesame.
Weight package: 80g bag

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