Rontaila sesame pretzels

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Rontaila sesame pretzels and naughty bunnies.

In the Land Of Sweets,everybody has heard about the famous Rontaila’s sesame pretzels. One day, just when Rontaila was busy preparing his delicious pretzels, he heard someone knocking loudly at the door. Our bunny hanged his apron and went frowning, to open the door. A group of bunnies,smelling the pretzels scent, were standing in front of the door, with their eyes wide open,as if they were waiting for something.

Rontaila smiled.

– What do you want, you naughty bunnies?

– Well…we…it smells so good…and we want…if you’d like…some Rontaila pretzels with sesame, said the first timorous bunny.

– It’s ok. I got it! said Rontaila smiling. Come in my kitchen, until my sesame pretzels are ready!

The bunnies entered the kitchen and sat down. They were very thrilled to see the pretzels master while working. They were stunned by the speed that Rontaila had while he was working in his kitchen. One moment he was spinning the dough , then he was taking care of the fire from the oven, while he was packing the pretzels and also talking about pretzels, ingredients and parties.

In the end, each one of them got Rontaila pretzels with sesame, as many as they could carry in their paws.

All the bunnies were satisfied with the way the pretzels master treated them. Now, they are telling everybody how they had been invited to Rontaila’s kitchen, they way he was preparing the pretzels and how they had eaten many sesame pretzels.

PS: I must tell you that our bunny does also sesame bagels. He often uses sesame for his pretzels, because it’s healthy, rich in proteins, has antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic properties. It’s no wonder why he always has sesame seeds in his pantry.

Ingredients: wheat flour, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat of palm,sugar,sesame seeds 12%,iodized salt, yeast.

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